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Our Mission Statement

There’s a very well known statistic which all professional traders are aware of and that is that 90% of retail traders will lose 90% of their account balance in 90 days. It’s called the 90/90/90 rule. With this in mind we set out to not only buck this trend, but to create a new trend of our own. We believe that we have developed training which is so robust that it will give 100%  of attendees the tools they need to succeed in this challenging industry. Ultimately all successful traders know that it’s not about learning to master the markets, it’s about learning to master yourself so once we provide you with the different types of trading strategies, we will also provide you with the strategies yo need to control your psychological state.


- Become financially free

- “Work” according to your own schedule

- You can trade from anywhere in the world

- Many markets are open 24/7

- You can code a computer program  to trade

- You can build up substantial wealth

About the Founder

The founder of The Academy of Trading David Carmichael has been in the banking and finance business for over 30 years. He developed a real fascination for the stock market when he purchased his first shares in 1987. Up until the present day he still has a passion to teach others what he has learned and convey his years of experience to others. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Trading –The Long and the Short of it” as well as a number of other titles relating to finance and property.

 Learn to relax and detach your emotions from your trading